What is server and everything you need to know
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What is server and everything you need to know

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Server is a very common word in many contexts. In the business realm, many organizations have one of these. But, we also know, it's common for many people not to know what server is.

Understanding what a server is is very important for any company and manager who wants to be successful in using their technologies.

If you're still unsure about it, that's about to change. Continue reading the text, have all your doubts answered and know everything you need to know about this topic. Come on?

What is server?

To start talking about what a server is, we need to understand that a company's website is composed of several parts: there is the website domain, the server and the content management system.

In order to have a functioning website, complete with available resources, it is necessary to have different web pages. That is, we can say that a website is a set of pages that are interconnected with each other.

In order to access a website, we need a browser, right? As examples of browsers we can mention Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.

The browser, basically, is responsible for optimizing access to all information displayed on a website, organizing them in order to facilitate reading.

For a website to work, it needs to be online, right? And, well, for that to happen, it must have a place on a server, which must work 24 hours a day.

But after all, what is a server? We can understand the server as a computer that is connected to the network all the time.

Servers are used to supply all the contents of a website, so that each server has an IP - Internet Protocol address.

In order for you to better understand what a server is, let's look at the difference between a simple computer and a computer that acts as a server.

The simple computer will serve for browsing, while the server will serve as a base to feed websites and content that will later be accessed during browsing. It's not hard to see this difference, is it?

Most common questions about what a server is

Perhaps understanding what a server is is not difficult, but that does not mean that other doubts will not arise.

What we want is to address the main points that can be reasons for doubts when someone seeks to understand what a server is.

Keep reading because from now on we will address these questions and help you understand what server is once and for all.

Well, with the emergence and use of servers, other technologies and opportunities also emerged.

We are referring to web hosting. Do you know what this is?

What is web hosting?

Let's remember the concept of what a server is: a server is a computer responsible for supplying website content, based on the availability of the network.

Therefore, we could think that it would be necessary for each company, or person, who wanted to have a website, to need its own server.

But that would be laborious, impractical and inconvenient. Therefore, what we call web hosting began to emerge.

That way, instead of looking to have a server for yourself (whether for personal or corporate use), you can rely on the services of a company that offers web hosting.

Thus, you can rent space from one of the company's servers and use it normally, without inconvenience.

What types of servers exist?

We can define the concept of what is a server as the network that is responsible for storing or distributing resources with its respective members.

This definition focused on information technology, leads us to question the different types of servers that exist.

Thus, it is necessary to highlight each one of them so that you can better understand what a server is. See below!

The print server is a recommended type of server for networks that have at least ten computers.

This server will be responsible for controlling what is printed by the computers that are connected to it.

The print server will keep track not only of what is printed, but also how much will be printed and who - which computer - will perform that function.

Email server

Unsurprisingly, to make use of an email, there is a whole technology behind it. Even if you don't understand much of these aspects, this question is pretty obvious.

Therefore, for such activity to be easily performed by any user, it is necessary to use an e-mail server.

The most basic technology behind all this email operation is electronic mail. In order for it to be used, it is necessary to use protocols that will allow this traffic.

The server will process one of the existing protocols to enable the information transaction to take place. And that's why an email server is so important.

File server

This type of server will allow the storage and access to files that are provided by the user stations.

Thus, it is very common to find a file server in schools and offices.

The file server will have the responsibility to provide an environment that allows for the storage and sharing of files.

Here, we can say that the server is the main machine, while we can call the machines connected to the server client.

In general, we can see that, even if a server operates digitally, at some point, it will be necessary to use some physical structure for it to work.

So, as much as a server is something very technological, we need to pay attention to the care with the physical structure, so that the hardware continues to work fully.

So, did you learn more about what a server is? If you still have any questions about this matter, please contact us!

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