Do you monitor the expiration of the SSL certificate of your Site or APP?
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Do you monitor the expiration of the SSL certificate of your Site or APP?

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In order for your website or app to continue working normally, allowing users to access it without any problems, it is necessary to monitor a number of aspects, such as the expiration of the SSL certificate.

Otherwise, the expiration of this certificate could result in visitor access issues and, consequently, financial loss.

Therefore, doing this monitoring is essential care and the good news is that specialized software already exists.

In this article, we'll talk about what this certificate is, the importance of monitoring SSL certificate expiration, and how to go about it. To learn more, read on!

What is SSL certificate and how important is it?

The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is characterized as a digital certificate responsible for authenticating the identity of a website or application, encrypting the data sent to the server through SSL technology.

In this way, it manages to maintain a secure communication channel between two computers, preventing information from being accessible to unauthorized third parties.

This certificate works, therefore, like an electronic passport, in which the user sends confidential information to the server, the browser accesses the server's certificate and, thus, the secure connection is established.

Basically, the SSL certificate has the signature of the authority that issues the certificate, the serial number and its expiration date, the name of the holder and a copy of the holder's public key.

Surely you've heard SSL when accessing a website. This is because, when a platform is considered secure, relying on SSL authentication, a lock icon appears before HTTPS or at the end of the address bar.

It is worth noting that HTTPS is an evolution of the HTTP protocol (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), in which the S stands for Secure, indicating that there is SSL encryption.

The use of this protocol is quite common, especially in e-commerce and internet banking, which deal with users' confidential information.

Therefore, it proves to be fundamental, since individuals and companies deal daily with losses due to crimes and virtual fraud.

Data leakage, for example, in addition to directly harming consumers, also affects the company's credibility, which can suffer from a tarnished image in the market.

Therefore, the SSL certificate provides an important security barrier, thus preventing data interception.

This protocol still manages to convey greater seriousness and confidence to users, noting that Google Chrome considers sites that use HTTP as unsafe.

In addition, Google also uses HTTPS as a ranking factor, thus encouraging all websites to adopt the SSL certificate.

Why monitor SSL certificate expiration?

As you saw earlier, SSL certificate has become essential for anyone who works in the virtual environment and deals with users on a daily basis.

But if you think that you only need to acquire this certificate once and let it go, know that you are wrong.

That's because, as well as hosting websites, for example, there is an expiration date on hiring it. Therefore, it is not enough to issue this without monitoring SSL certificate expiration. This can directly harm the health of your business.

Let's assume you don't monitor this information and therefore the certificate has expired. What happens next? Well, many connectors and even users may have problems accessing your website or app.

If you work with e-commerce, this is harmful even to your company's finances. After all, how are people going to buy products through your website or app if it's not working as it should?

In addition, the lack of secure access to your platform will cause distrust of users, as they will receive an alert informing the existence of this problem. With that, the number of visitors will drop a lot.

Therefore, it is necessary to be careful with this expiration and, to avoid it, to properly monitor the expiration of the SSL certificate. As we said at the beginning of the text, there are already softwares that do this work, such as Hosts Green.

How can Hosts Green help you?

To prevent your company from dealing with the problems mentioned above, it is worth relying on the help of technology to monitor the expiration of the SSL certificate.

Hosts Green is a software that prevents you from forgetting the expiration date, as it issues alerts before that date arrives.

With this, you are able to properly monitor the certificate, in addition to other essential items for the operation of your platform, such as monitoring servers, domains and links with fixed and dynamic IP.

Because it is integrated with other applications, such as WhatsApp and Telegram, it can also issue alerts of inactivity of your website or app, showing availability reports so that you can follow the status of the operation.

In addition, the software has dashboards that allow you to view the monitoring according to the monitoring database.

If you want, you can still schedule scheduled maintenance according to the day and time you want, remembering that the software also issues alerts to remind you of this schedule.

Thus, in addition to helping to monitor the expiration of the SSL certificate, Hosts Green is the complete package for the survival of your website or app, as it also monitors the main aspects related to the technological environment.

With this, you don't run the risk of suffering financial losses due to the malfunction of your platform or loss of credibility with the market and users.

Therefore, being careful with monitoring and prioritizing the operation of your website or app is essential to remain competitive and bring satisfaction to customers, so that they know they can count on you at any time.

Don't leave it for later and start looking for the proper monitoring of your platform with all the features that Hosts Green offers.

For this, you can take the 15-day free trial. Thus, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of properly monitoring the expiration of your website or app's SSL certificate, among other advantages.

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