Monitoring and Security: no intrusions and instabilities on the site
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Monitoring and Security: no intrusions and instabilities on the site

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Do you have any monitoring and security tools to protect your website from the various threats it may face? Have you ever thought about the importance of your website for the progress of your business?

The evolution of technology has brought many benefits to companies, especially with the rise of digital media.

Since the website is often the main form of contact between customers and your company, it must be able to meet the expectations of these customers.

The problem is that as technology evolves, new types of threats also emerge to disrupt the efficient interaction between you and your customer.

On the other hand, there are resources you can count on to keep your website safe from threats at all times.

In this article, we will talk about the importance of having monitoring and security strategies and tools that protect your website, for example, from bugs and hackers.

It is essential that you understand how important it is to take this precaution in view of the numerous problems that can arise if your site is exposed to dangers that, unfortunately, are many.

See in the following topics how to avoid this problem.

What is a monitoring and security tool for?

Due to the technological revolution, a lot has changed and continues to change with regard to data management and customer communication.

Companies strive to put up attractive websites that contain information that may be sought after.

In addition to the attractiveness, it is necessary that the websites are available and accessible whenever the customer needs them. So bugs are a headache of gigantic consequences, depending on their proportions.

Another challenge is to keep both company and customer data safe from the many risks they run on the web, risks that are constantly multiplying.

In this context, security becomes a key word in corporate management.

The virtualization of data resulting from the digital transformation caused an increase in the concern with monitoring and security of websites.

You cannot, for example, leave information exchanged with your customers vulnerable to hacker attacks. It also cannot fail to meet customer demands due to a bug.

That's where the functionality of a monitoring and security tool comes in. It will examine information from your computers or your network and investigate possible irregularities.

Thus, it is possible to preserve servers and identify probable weaknesses in the system.

The first consequence of the performance of monitoring and security tools is the increase in productivity levels due to the reduction in the need for maintenance and adjustments.

And with increasing productivity, the company gains credibility, which provides both new partnerships and the acquisition of new customers, not to mention the loyalty of old ones.

On the other hand, a single problem related, for example, to the availability that your customer needs or the security of your data can cause irreparable damage to your business management.

Logically it is necessary to prevent this type of situation, taking into account that malicious people also have access to the evolution of technology and hackers can bring huge losses.

So our advice is: invest in a monitoring and security feature. This tool is one of the only solutions so you do not have to worry about potential attacks.

Monitoring and security in times of social isolation

Given the current pandemic of the new coronavirus, your website becomes even more important in the interaction with your partners and customers.

Have you ever stopped to think about the experience of your client, who may be fulfilling social isolation and, therefore, with much more time and motivation to resolve disputes over the internet?

Your website needs to be prepared to meet the demands that come. Even more so when your employees who work in customer service must also be working remotely.

Monitoring and security tools can help you understand if your customer is finding what he is looking for and if your website, even if it has quality content, is not having other problems, for example, related to speed and your DNS server .

The consequences of the pandemic and social isolation are already appearing, but as the moment is one of uncertainty, many managers are unable to think assertively.

Generally, the first concern in mind, in addition to preserving the health of employees and customers, is the economic issue unfolded in sales and production.

Few think about the means to achieve the purpose of maintaining sales, production and customer loyalty, not to mention the virtual threats that can arise and catch your site off guard.

There is the danger. Imagine if your website goes down in a period of isolation when the customer has the website as the main (or only) instrument to be in contact with your company?

So, monitoring your website is one of the actions you can take to keep your business healthy in times of crisis.

Relationship between monitoring and security

We also need to remember that your website, if it doesn't have a monitoring and security feature, is more susceptible to malware, among other threats.

We already know that security is a key factor for your company to be trusted, especially when you're dealing with customer data.

That's why monitoring and security are directly related. With monitoring tools, you can offer what your partners and customers need without exposing them to risk.

Security is one of the most sensitive issues when thinking about the attractiveness of a website. In general, all web pages can be attacked.

Unless there is a constant concern of managers, it is always possible that a website has some weaknesses related to security, and these weaknesses are often discovered by malicious people and from there the damage is immeasurable.

The consequences can affect both the availability of your website and expose your customers' sensitive data.

When you use a monitoring and security tool, you can prevent this type of situation by identifying both site weaknesses and malicious attacks in advance.

With this anticipation of problems, you can prevent them, improving, for example, those points where your site was susceptible to invasions.

By the way, if your company does not yet have an information security policy, we recommend reading an article on the subject by clicking here.

Final considerations

After reading this article you probably understand the possible vulnerabilities that your company's website is subject to, Hosts Green can help you in the implementation of effective tools.

And if you want to know more about your website's role in your business, we recommend reading the article “What is uptime: understand how this metric affects your website”.

Here you will see that monitoring and security features can help you keep your website always available to meet the demands of partners and customers. Great read!

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