Secure hosting: what to consider when choosing yours
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Secure hosting: what to consider when choosing yours

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Digital security is a subject of great relevance today and ensuring a secure hosting for your website can make all the difference in gaining customers.

That's because people need to trust your site to provide personal information when downloading content or making an online purchase, for example.

In this article, we'll review how website hosting works and what types of hosting you can choose from.

Also, let's list some points you should consider when looking for a secure hosting service for your company's website.

Check out the following topics.

How does website hosting work?

A great metaphor we've used here on the blog to explain how website hosting works is to think of hosting as a home.

Thus, when you are looking for a secure hosting, it is as if you were looking for a suitable house for your website to “live”.

It is clear that this house needs to have the best security schemes, as your site will live in a place where crimes are increasingly numerous and diverse: the internet.

And, because of the work, your website needs to receive a lot of visits, 24 hours a day. It needs to be always available to meet the expectations of these visitors (customers).

Therefore, it is important that your website house makes these visitors comfortable and confident so that they do not give up on visiting. In other words, your website needs secure hosting.

The scope of this security for website users depends entirely on the characteristics of the hosting service you choose.

When contracting a hosting service, the files referring to the pages of your website are stored on a server that is controlled by the contracted company.

From that metaphor, the process seems a lot simpler, right? But you should also be concerned about choosing the most suitable type of hosting. We'll talk about that later.

Types of accommodation

To choose a secure hosting, you must first know the types of hosting on the market to know which one best fits your company's demand.

Below is a summary of the types of hosting:

  • Shared Hosting: Occurs when a single server is shared by different websites. It has a good cost-benefit ratio and is the most used type of hosting;
  • Dedicated server: is a type of private hosting, much more expensive because it has a very high level of performance, in addition to the possibility of customization. It is suitable for large companies, with a high volume of daily visits to their websites;
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS): This type of server mimics the characteristics of a dedicated server, including the possibility of customization, but it is actually a shared hosting. It is widely used on e-commerce sites;
  • Cloud hosting: It has high availability and reliability and works with the union of several servers subdivided into virtual servers, which are allocated according to usage demand. It is suitable for companies that have advanced knowledge to manage this type of structure.

Details to consider when choosing a secure hosting

To be assured of choosing a secure hosting for your website, you need to pay attention to some details about the companies that provide this type of service.

See below for our list of points to consider when searching for a secure hosting service.

Server security

Security is the first point you should look at before choosing hosting for your company's website.

That's because your website is one of the main ways your customers contact the company, and to register or make an online purchase — actions that involve providing personal data — they need to trust the security of your site.

So, you need secure hosting to assure your customers that their information will be secure.

In addition to worrying about gaining your company's credibility and image, also remember that the LGPD is already in place.

You must comply with the parameters established in the Law and hosting your website must be an ally in this task.

To ensure this data security in practice, when setting the hosting for your website, look for companies that have certificates that authenticate a high standard of security.

This way, if your website suffers a cyber attack, your customers' information will not be at risk and the website will remain available to users.

SSL certificate

We mentioned security certificates in the previous subtopic, but it is important to speak separately from the SSL certificate, which has special relevance within secure hosting.

This certificate is primarily responsible for the security of both the data on the page itself and the data of those who access it.

That is, it serves to protect customer data and give authenticity to websites for the exchange of information between the server and the browser.

For this reason, to have secure hosting, the company you choose must have an SSL certificate.

In addition, Google considers pages that do not use this certification to be dangerous and may not display them in the results of searches performed on its search engine.

This is all the more reason for you to pay special attention to the SSL certificate, since not having your website among the results of searches carried out on subjects related to your company's area of ​​expertise is exactly the opposite of what you need.

Backup system

One of the questions to be raised when looking for a secure hosting is how the backup system works.

You need to have guarantees that you will be able to recover the contents of your website if the platform presents any problems.

Oftentimes, the backup system can incur additional costs. But choose not to give it up, as it is always important to have a plan B in case something goes wrong.

Technical support

No matter how good the service you hire, unforeseen events can always happen. Keep this in mind.

And if they happen, it is essential to have a specialized support team to help you solve the problem.

So, before deciding which hosting you're going to use, research how technical support works for each company you're considering.

Gather information about support availability and by what means this industry's demands are met.

The importance of this care may not be noticed in the day-to-day in which your website will be fully operational, but it may represent the solution, for example, in a fall, in a few hours when the unforeseen happens.

Discover the best available hosting options

Now that you know how to choose a secure hosting, how about knowing the best hosting service options available on the market? Good reading!

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