Cyber Attacks: 4 Tips to Protect Your Business
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Cyber Attacks: 4 Tips to Protect Your Business

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With an increasingly technological world, cyber attacks have become a reality for different organizations, whether small, medium or large.

These threats directly compromise the security of your business, which may run the risk of having confidential data leaked, among other very bad consequences, such as virtual kidnappings.

In times of pandemic, it has become even more common for many organizations to suffer from these threats.

So it's critical to know how to protect your business against these types of attacks, and that's what we'll talk about in this article. Read on to find out more!

What are cyber attacks and how do they happen?

Also called cybercrime, cyber attack aims to damage or completely destroy system networks, being carried out by hackers.

These people seek to access sensitive data to steal identities, expose information, perform cyber hijackings in order to get money, and much more. All of this, of course, directly affects your business, and the solution to this problem can be very expensive.

It's also important to point out that cyber attacks tend to be very subtle and silent, so this is very dangerous.

In order for you to understand how they work, it is necessary to keep in mind that there are different types of attacks. Next, let's talk about some of them:

  • Spoofing: Spoofs the IP and communication of devices on the company network. We have a full article about him;
  • DoS attack: there is an overload in server activities, so that it is no longer available to users;
  • DMA: accesses and attacks the equipment's memory;
  • Decoy: stores information so hackers can later do whatever they want with it;
  • Ransomware: also known as data hijacking, it blocks access to files on the server that is being attacked and, in order to be released, it is necessary to pay an amount;
  • Phishing: Commonly done via email, hackers create a page identical to a real page (a bank's website, for example), causing users to expose sensitive information. We have a full article about him;
  • Backdoor: performs the modification, deletion and installation of files, in addition to being able to send emails, use the system and view data.

In times of pandemic and, consequently, remote work in several companies, it is very important to be aware of all these threats so that you can protect your business.

In fact, it has been proven that, since the beginning of the pandemic, cyber attacks have become much more frequent, precisely because of the migration to the home office regime, which made corporate networks more vulnerable.

One of the most affected targets has been the electricity industry, but several other sectors have also suffered from the attacks, with the cosmetics, fuel, food and logistics industries.

How to prevent cyber attacks?

Despite being common, cyber attacks can, yes, be largely avoided. But, for this, it is necessary to adopt some strategies. Below, we list 4 of them!

1. Guide employees

Since many people are working from home right now, it's critical that your company's employees know how to protect themselves from cyber attacks.

Therefore, you need to train them and guide them in this, as many people use the internet innocently, without being suspicious of possible cyber threats.

For example, it is important to explain that accessing suspicious websites or clicking on strange links should not be performed, as they may compromise the device's security.

In addition, it is necessary to tell employees not to share sensitive information through emails or messaging platforms, in case the identity of the person on the other side is not very clear.

2. Track system licenses and updates

Companies use operating systems, software and applications on a daily basis, but they are not always licensed.

This is a danger, as pirate programs are usually installed using cracks, which are a gateway to cyber attacks.

Therefore, it is essential to use licensed programs and monitor the validity of all of them, in order to guarantee maximum security for the devices.

As for updates, they are important as they indicate that the software is becoming improved, that is, more protected as well. In this way, they become less susceptible to threats.

3. Rely on endpoint security

Have you ever heard of endpoint security? Translated into Portuguese, this term means “endpoint”, referring to devices connected to the network through Wi-Fi, being responsible for their security.

Endpoint security tools are able to accept or deny actions, in addition to detecting and responding to attacks that attempt to invade the system.

For all this to be possible, it is necessary to synchronize all of the company's devices with the security system. Therefore, even employees' cell phones must have an endpoint security extension.

Compared to antivirus, endpoint security is more advantageous in that it has not only antivirus, but also a firewall and spyware, providing optimal security for the entire corporate network infrastructure

4. Use cloud storage

One of the main recommendations to avoid cyber attacks is to bet on cloud storage, also known as cloud computing.

Through it, you can store, online, all your company's files, so that they are safe in this environment.

In this way, the contractor is responsible for protecting the data, but still, this does not mean that it is immune from cyber threats.

So, to choose the most capable company, you need to analyze issues such as the existence or not of antivirus, frequent backups, firewall, security policies of the company and the services offered, market recognition, password policy and two-factor authentication.

Speaking of cloud storage, if you want to do real-time monitoring of servers, web applications, dynamic and fixed IP, don't forget to count on Hosts.Green.

In this article, you've seen what cyber attacks are and how to prevent them. From now on, how about relying on Hosts.Green to maintain greater transparency and communication with your customers? To do this, try the software for free!

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