Domain Renewal: Do You Monitor Your Site's Registration Expiration?
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Domain Renewal: Do You Monitor Your Site's Registration Expiration?

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Functioning as people's gateway to your website, the domain is essential for those who wish to have a company email address. However, it is not enough to buy it once and leave it at that. Every year, you need to renew your domain.

Otherwise, your site will go down. Worse than that, your domain could be purchased by someone else! Therefore, you need to monitor the expiration of registration of your email address.

In this article, we'll talk better about domain renewal, its importance, how to monitor the registration and not miss the deadline. Read on!

How important is domain renewal?

Many people confuse domain with hosting. Hosting refers to the storage of data, images, files and text on your website, while the domain is the address of your website on the internet, that is, its name.

Together, both act to keep your platform working on the internet.

Remember that the domain helps to build your company's identity, so losing it is not good for business.

However, sometimes this can happen. A domain registration is usually valid for one year, so after that time you must renew the domain.

As it is a long period, there are people who forget to renew it, which will make your site go down. If you work in e-commerce, this is even more harmful, as downtime will result in less money coming into the business.

On the other hand, in some cases, it is possible to get it back after expiration, if no one has purchased that domain. But if someone else bought the registry you were using, that means you lost the domain for good.

That is, customers who were used to entering your site will now be surprised to type in your name and see another company instead. Needless to say, this sucks for business, is it?

After all, in a way, the loss of domain is reflected in the loss of a part of your company's identity. Therefore, domain renewal needs to be treated seriously.

What are the differences between national and international domain renewal?

In the case of national domains (those ending with .br), you can hire an annual, biannual and even triannual registration. Therefore, after the purchased period, it is necessary to renew.

Assuming you forgot to renew your site, your site has expired status one day after it expires. In other words, it will continue to work and this is valid for 14 days. After that time, the status changes to frozen, resulting in a domain down.

It will then be inaccessible until it is renewed (and no one else has purchased it) and the status changes to “release process”.

In this case, the domain will take about 7 days to be released. There is also the possibility that your domain is in a competitive process, that is, there is more than one person interested in it.

Then an auction takes place, in which the person who pays the most will take the domain. All registered will have 7 days to place their bets and will be able to see the highest bid given, and may call or not.

In relation to international domains, the procedure works in a similar way, being necessary to respect the annual cycles.

However, the difference is that, after the contracted registration period, the domain is taken down on the same day of expiration. After that, there is a 30-day period to renew without losing the site or having to pay a fine.

If you have not renewed by the 31st day, the domain enters the Redemption Period status, which is valid for another 30 days. In this case, to make the renewal, it is necessary to pay a fine of approximately 250 euros.

After this period, the status changes to Pending Delete (pending to delete), and it is no longer possible to renew. After that, the domain becomes available for anyone to register.

How to monitor the deadline?

As you can see, missing the domain renewal deadline is highly harmful for your company, so you should monitor its validity.

When registering, some people end up using an email that is not accessed very often, which can result in forgetting this all-important deadline.

Therefore, in order not to take any risks and keep your site working normally, we recommend having an ally in monitoring the domain renewal.

Currently, there is already software that helps you remember the expiration date. Hosts Green is one of them.

To do this, simply enter the name of the website and the app will monitor the renewal for you. Thus, it will not be necessary to bear possible fines and even loss of the site.

In addition, Hosts Green will also serve for other functionalities, since it is a software focused on monitoring hosts.

Thus, through it, it is possible to monitor servers, Internet applications, domains and links with fixed and dynamic IP. It can also be integrated with other very useful platforms like WhatsApp, Desk Manager, Telegram, Slack, Teams and Discord.

With this, the software is able to issue alerts of your website's inactivity, for example, for apps like Telegram and WhatsApp.

It also shows availability reports, allowing you to track the status of the operation in real time.

Another advantage is the presence of dashboards that show the monitoring of the operation, focusing on the monitoring database.

There is also the scheduling with scheduled maintenance, issuing personalized alerts about maintenance. In fact, this appointment can be scheduled on the day and time you prefer.

Thus, in addition to serving to remind you of domain renewal, which is essential for the survival of your website, Hosts Green also presents other uses for your platform.

So, how about a free trial of the software? This way, you'll be able to monitor the domain renewal and have access to the app's other functionalities. For that, click here.

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