Digital Transformation in Companies: The Naked Truth
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Digital Transformation in Companies: The Naked Truth

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Certainly, you have read an article about the need for “digital transformation” or the impacts of it on companies. In recent years, it is a key to solving numerous old problems and to avoiding various administrative difficulties in the future.

The digital transformation in companies seeks to employ technology in their processes to improve their performance, optimize time and obtain better results.

In other words, if, in your company, you are (and you will) go through the digital transformation, you will have to review each process and adopt digital culture as a constant solution.

In practice, it is not a mild change, especially for those who still resist digital culture. But ignoring the need for digital transformation in companies can bring you immeasurable inconvenience.

In this article, we'll explain what digital transformation is, how you can benefit your business by using it, and why you'll make perhaps your biggest mistake as a manager if you choose to ignore it.

So, if you haven't gone into this subject yet, if you thought it wasn't as important and necessary, or if you were putting off the start of process transformation in your company, now is the time to start finding out.

Read the following topics for essential information to start your company's digital transformation.

What is digital transformation?

In short, we can say that the digital transformation in companies is a reinvention or restructuring of processes in order to take advantage of the benefits of the digital environment.

Over the years, this expression has become more and more commonplace, even though many people do not understand what it means.

Companies often adopt positive changes in relation to digital technologies, such as cloud storage, and believe they are already adept at digital transformation.

These changes are favorable, but not significant if we think about the digital transformation in companies as a whole.

To adapt to the digital transformation, your company must promote structural changes and have digital technologies at the center of its actions.

This is not only valid for companies that offer products or services related to Information Technology. Organizations from all areas have many benefits to gain from digital transformation.

Now you may be thinking about the digital technologies that you already use in favor of your company, such as a website and social networks, which are so in vogue.

Yes, you already benefit from some technologies, but to say that your company has gone through the digital transformation requires more drastic changes and also some investments.

And when we talk about investments, we obviously mean financial investments, but also the investment of time by managers, because, more than acquiring the technologies, you need to manage them efficiently so that everyone in the company can use them satisfactorily.

It goes without saying that the initiative for digital transformation in companies needs to come from managers and not from the IT sector. So it will be applied more comprehensively.

It became clear that joining the digital transformation is not just about adding new technologies to existing processes; it is about making structural changes in these processes.

We can affirm that the digital transformation requires changes related to digitization, dematerialization and the democratization of the use of technologies, being these technologies not only effective tools, but also the center for the development of each process.

About digital transformation in companies

As complicated as it may seem, this is a change that cannot wait. There are many negative consequences of postponing digital transformation in companies as the market does not wait.

If you wait too much, your company will lose its market share and the result could be bankruptcy.

So, the solution is to promote the digital transformation in your company as soon as possible. See in the following topics some measures that will help you go through the digital transformation and the benefits it will bring to your business.

How to promote digital transformation in companies

Below is a suggestion for step-by-step procedures for applying the digital transformation.

  1. Redefine your business strategies considering the digital world. Remember that the change is structural and not just operational, and conduct a market analysis to see how the technologies will impact the business;
  2. Promote a cultural change that involves all employees. Leaving the comfort zone is difficult, but necessary. Everyone needs to believe in the idea and embrace the changes daily;
  3. Also take care of the technical part, enabling constant qualifications, training and qualifications and solving any difficulties that arise;
  4. Analyze your processes by reviewing whether each procedure adopted by tradition or custom is really necessary. Identify which of them can be redefined based on new technologies;
  5. Do some tests after identifying which processes can be redefined using new technologies. Choose one of them that is promising and apply the changes noting what the impacts will be;
  6. Put your digital project into practice by adopting the available technological resources in greater proportions and in more varied processes, exploiting them to the full;
  7. Involve all employees in the change process. Digital transformation cannot be spearheaded by the IT team alone and this involvement goes beyond capabilities. All departments need to participate in every change;
  8. Digitize the data your company works with and adopt accurate and efficient processing and analysis tools, such as those related to Business Intelligence. This way, you will be able to make better decisions;
  9. Always be open to new ideas, encourage their exposure and development, as digital technologies will always be evolving and bringing new resources that can help your company in its goals.

Benefits of digital transformation in companies

Now that you have a kind of roadmap to follow in the process of digital transformation in your company, let's list some reasons for you to invest in this change and also the negative consequences if you decide to ignore this trend.

Improved customer experience

With the digital transformation, you can better segment your target audience, publicizing the company and offering personalized service to retain each of these people.

In addition, you can also monitor customer opinions about your products or services, better targeting your strategies through knowledge of your experience.

Without digital resources, you end up making poorly targeted offers and wasting time and money as your message doesn't reach the target public.

Efficiency in processes and operations

Digital transformation makes every process and procedure simpler and more efficient. This motivates your team and increases productivity.

You can adopt management and task management tools that will make things more organized by moving from offline to digital processes.

With the digitization of processes, all information is more accessible and a lot of time is saved.

Without these features, your processes become slow, time-consuming and inefficient. As a result, you will have an unmotivated team and dissatisfied customers as well.

Constant innovations

When going through the digital transformation, your company is never static again, in the sense of keeping routines and procedures unchanged for a long time.

Technologies evolve and new increasingly efficient features will be at your fingertips from time to time.

You follow technological changes and consequently your customer's behavior, being able to meet your expectations that also change frequently.

Without these innovations, your products and services run the risk of becoming obsolete over time, which will lead to the inevitable loss of customers.

Finally, it should be said that although digital transformation is necessary in all types of businesses, it will be implemented differently in each company.

It is up to managers to identify which resources will be best suited to their business and in which processes they will be used.

So, to promote the digital transformation in companies, it is necessary to always have updated information about the news regarding digital technologies. You can get started on this topic by reading our article “Digital Technologies: 6 Tools for Business Productivity”. Enjoy your reading and make the best deals!

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