Business Communication: five apps to use in your business
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Business Communication: five apps to use in your business

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It's no secret that communication is a key part of any internal process in your business.

However, we know that even being a major part within any company, there are still numerous difficulties to deal with.

Many companies do not know how to employ effective business communication, they do not know how to make their employees agree with some kind of communications, or they do not know what tools they can use to assist in this task.

Communication must, in any context, be clear and direct. For this to happen, it is necessary to pay attention to a number of factors.

That why it is extremely important that you know what business communication is and how you can improve it.

What is business communication?

Although there is no mystery in the concept of business communication, let's start our article by talking a little bit about it.

Business communication is related to all communication activities in your business. Whether the activities are exclusively for internal purposes or external business communication.

However, in our article today, we want to focus on internal business communication carried out with the company's own employees and between its different departments.

Consequently, the concept of business communication, in this internal context, will reflect the entire interaction between leaders and subordinates, co-workers, specific teams and different departments that must talk to each other.

Why is business communication important?

Communication within a company is one of the main factors to ensure internal satisfaction and the achievement of good results.

These two factors already make business communication very important.

But, in order for you to better understand the importance of business communication in an organization's daily life, let's think about different scenarios in which it is obviously not performed as it should. Read below.

  • Many employees end up complaining that they don't know about things that are happening within the company or, still, they don't know, exactly, why they should develop a certain activity;
  • It is also not difficult for us to hear dissatisfaction on the part of employees who are not aware of important changes in the company as a whole or in daily processes;
  • The lack of business communication is also demonstrated when an employee does not know, for sure, who to turn to when he has dissatisfaction or even when he has a significant suggestion to improve the company's processes.

These are just two scenarios where business communication is essential.

In the first scenario, you can imagine: it's very demotivating to perform a task without knowing the reason why it needs to be done.

People are much more engaged when they are motivated for some reason and, obviously, when they are properly informed.

If we stop to think, in the second scenario we described, the lack of information about changes in the company can make some employees feel excluded in relation to what happens within the organization.

And finally, not knowing who to turn to, it can put strain on the organizational hierarchy and also make some people waste time with things they shouldn't.

We can observe that in these cases, the lack of effective communication leads to dissatisfaction, unproductiveness and lack of engagement.

The importance of business communication is undeniable. When done optimally, we know that communication helps in internal processes and makes better results be achieved.

But now, how can communication be carried out in the best possible way?

There are several tools that make communication clearer and more direct. We're going to talk about it. So you can choose which one is better to be implement in your company.

Discover the apps that can help your business communication

By making use of some applications, it is possible to carry out good business communication. See below which apps we have separated for you.


The first app we want to talk about is Trello. This is an application that allows users to be distributed in activity boards.

Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. In one glance, Trello tells you what's being worked on, who's working on what, and where something is in a process. Imagine a white board, filled with lists of sticky notes, with each note as a task for you and your team.

Here is a list of tools that integrate with Trello.


Yammer is a very interesting application. It is part of Microsoft Office and works as a company social network.

Each user makes their profile and has the possibility to add photos, texts, share articles and useful information.

Company leadership can use the app to convey the company's mission, strengthening its values ​​and engaging employees.

In general, the application provides interaction between the company and the ease of passing on information and points of view.


The Slack application was created precisely with the aim of improving internal business communication.

Slack works as a business chat in which it is possible to build channels by areas or by projects.

Through this application, your business communication can remain focused in one place, decreasing the chances of misunderstandings.

G Suite

G Suite was formerly known as Google Apps for Work. G Suite is an application that brings together several others in a Shared Drive.

This Drive allows files to be edited together; files such as texts, spreadsheets, slides, forms, Google Calendars, Hangouts and others.

With the use of this application, various activities of your company are carried out jointly and business communication, regarding everything that is being carried out, is undoubtedly facilitated.


Have you ever heard of Workplace? This is a social network linked to Facebook, having the role of being a corporate social network.

Through this app, you can start group meetings and, also, each user can have access to information in their feeds.

What do you think? Which of these five apps interested you the most? Now that you know more about the importance of business communication. How about learn more about website status? Click here and see how this concept can influence your business success.

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