How to monitor your business’ WhatsApp to ensure good results?
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How to monitor your business’ WhatsApp to ensure good results?

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How many times a day do you use your smartphone to check WhatsApp? This tool can be an excellent support for companies, which can monitor WhatsApp and increase sales using this channel. While reading, you will discover how the WhatsApp application developed especially for business works and how you can monitor it. Check out!

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business, also known as WhatsApp Corporate, is a free application that was developed especially for companies, mainly small and medium-sized ones. With it, you can create a catalog to display the products, making contact with the customers in an automated and, consequently, faster way. The most interesting thing is that for the public it doesn't change much. The layout and functionality for customers remains the same as traditional WhatsApp. The difference is due to the icon, which, in the case of the Business version, shows a “B” in place of the phone hook that appears in the application's image. Messages are still encrypted, so there is nothing to fear about information security. The rules are the same, with any violation subject to blocking. Remember that no customer needs to download WhatsApp Corporate, only the company must have this type of account.

Why is it so important to use this tool?

WhatsApp Business, which was created in 2018, has some very interesting functions for the company, such as tags. They are similar to e-mail, which help to organize the large volume of messages according to status or subject. In addition to being able to create shortcuts for quick messages such as “thank you for contacting”, this tool allows the company to publish personalized information in the status. It is possible to monitor who has seen the images, which disappear after 24 hours. Depending on the feedbacks, you can better build your profile, which will be your business card. Monitoring WhatsApp in the company also brings a number of other advantages:

It speeds up the exchange of information in electronic commerce, facilitating communication between company and customer and vice versa, as well as between company and suppliers, making processes faster;

It Facilitates interaction with customers, if a consumer has given you the phone number, it is because he is available to interact with your company. The customer, who already dominates the platform, can read the message whenever he wants, making the contact less invasive;

It Improves service, linking subjects to the previous point, this is one of the main advantages of WhatsApp Business.

In addition to making it easier for customers to find you, you can personalize messages, creating a more intimate relationship;

It Increases your chances of selling, it will increase the chances of making they become loyal to your brand and buy more;

It Reduces costs; WhatsApp is a free app. Imagine having a tool that reaches millions of users worldwide without paying anything! To use the tool and then monitor WhatsApp, you can still rely on the Web version. This way, you can reply to messages and send documents, videos and photos through your computer. Another nice feature of the business account is the statistics menu, which will help you analyze information such as the number of messages. These metrics will be the main subject of the following topics. We will show you how to monitor WhatsApp and how it will help you improve your customer relationship.

How to monitor your business’ WhatsApp?

We have already seen that WhatsApp is a very important means of business communication. The Business model brings more professionalism to the platform. In addition to being a good way to increase credibility, you can monitor WhatsApp to see how your marketing actions are going. The business account is not an extension of the original application. It is a different tool, with its own functions. The monitoring service was created for the Business version. To use it, you must have a phone number that is not used in another WhatsApp. Next, we will show you how it is possible to monitor your company's WhatsApp to optimize your results and strengthen your relationship with your audience.

Access to statistics

One of the ways to monitor WhatsApp is through the WhatsApp Business menu. Follow the step by step:

Open WhatsApp Business > tap the three dots in the upper right corner > Settings > Company settings > Statistics.

These statistics will show you data such as how many messages were sent, how many were delivered, which ones were read and the number of replies received.

By monitoring WhatsApp in this configuration, you have a good follow-up, which is the company's leads and customers. This is very important for the company to know better the customer and the type of content they want to access through your company. This way, you can better develop your material and deliver messages that have a greater chance of success.


Moreover, to these statistics, it is possible to monitor WhatsApp by doing a more qualitative analysis if the company has access to feedback. One way to get this answer is to encourage the consumer to give a feedback to the company. One way to do this is to ask them to rate the service, for instance. This will allow you to identify potential issues that occur between the customer and the company, giving the brand the opportunity to rethink its positioning. Feedback helps to optimize results and to understand what can be improved and what are the possible ways for this to happen.

Status Views

On WhatsApp, it is possible to add an image or a video that will be available for 24 hours, being deleted after that time. A tool similar to Instagram stories. You can see who has seen your status. You can see the best times to post the status, increasing the chances that your customers will see it. Despite not being such a direct metric, it is an interesting piece of data to be analyzed when monitoring WhatsApp in order to improve your company's performance.

Information storage

WhatsApp allows you to backup information to Google Drive. Doing so, you can have permanent access to messages, making monitoring easier. This also prevents conversations from getting lost if there is a problem with the phone, for example. To make this backup in the cloud and bring even more security when using the app, you must have an active Google account on your device and have internet access.

The procedure is simple: open Whatsapp and go to More options > Settings > Conversations > Backup conversations. Select the frequency you want and set it! Now that we have shown you the way, start monitoring your company's WhatsApp right now and get to know your customers better. Discover more monitoring tools by clicking here.

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